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About Gayo Coffee

Gayo coffee comes from the Gayo hill area located in Aceh, Sumatra. Planted at altitudes ranging from 1,200 to 1,500 meters above sea level, this coffee grows in the perfect environment with an ideal climate and fertile soil. The Arabica beans cultivated in these conditions undergo a slow maturation process, contributing to the distinct taste that sets Gayo coffee apart.

Aceh Gayo Coffee processing method

The processing methods employed in Gayo coffee production also contribute significantly to its flavor profile. Traditional wet-hulling, a common practice in Sumatra, involves removing the parchment from the coffee beans while they still retain a higher moisture content. This method imparts a distinctive flavor and a full body to Gayo coffee.

Flavor Profile

Full bodied

Aceh Gayo coffee is celebrated for its full-bodied character. The beans, cultivated at high altitudes, undergo a slow maturation process, resulting in a robust and weighty mouthfeel that lingers on the palate.

Low Acidity

One of the defining features of Aceh Gayo coffee is its low acidity. Unlike some other coffee varieties that may have a more pronounced tanginess, Aceh Gayo offers a smoother, mellow cup with minimal acidity.

Earthy understone

The flavor profile often exhibits earthy notes, adding depth and complexity to the cup. This characteristic is influenced by the volcanic soil in the Gayo Highlands, contributing to the coffee’s unique terroir.

Chocolate Note

Aceh Gayo coffee frequently presents rich chocolate undertones. These notes can range from dark chocolate to cocoa, providing a delightful sweetness and contributing to the overall well-rounded flavor profile.

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