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Organic Mandheling Grade 1 Green Coffee Beans

History Of Mandheling Coffee bean

Mandheling coffee takes its name from the Mandailing people and the region in North Sumatra where it is cultivated. The Mandailing region is known for its high-altitude landscapes and volcanic soil, which are conducive to growing high quality Arabica coffee.

Coffee cultivation in the Mandailing region dates back to the Dutch colonial era in the 19th century. The Dutch introduced coffee plants to the Indonesian archipelago, including Sumatra, and established plantations in various regions.

Mandheling coffee is primarily composed of the Arabica variety. The combination of specific growing conditions, high altitude, and volcanic soil contributes to the unique characteristics of Mandheling beans, including their bold flavor and full body.

it processed using traditional Indonesian methods, including wet hulling. Wet-hulling involves removing the parchment from the beans while they still have a higher moisture content. This method contributes to the bold and earthy flavors associated with Mandheling coffee.

Mandheling Coffee Characteristic

Full body

Mandheling coffee is characterized by a robust and full-bodied flavor that imparts a substantial and satisfying mouthfeel. The beans’ grown in North Sumatra contribute to the development of this rich body.

Long Lasting Finish

The flavor of Mandheling coffee often lingers on the palate, providing a long-lasting finish. This extended aftertaste allows the drinker to savor the complexities of the coffee even after each sip.

Low Acidity

One of the defining features of Mandheling coffee is its low acidity. This characteristic provides a smooth and mellow taste, making it appealing to those who prefer coffees with a more balanced and less tangy profile.

Chocolate Undertones

A notable flavor note in Mandheling coffee is the presence of chocolate undertones. This can manifest as hints of dark chocolate or cocoa, adding a layer of sweetness and richness to the overall taste experience.

Organic Mandheling Grade 1 Green Coffee Beans

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