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Before you buy Indonesian coffee, learn how to brew it!

Before you decide to buy Indonesian coffee, there are several things you need to understand first so that you can truly enjoy the rich culture and unique taste of coffee. Here is a complete guide to brewing a delicious cup of Indonesian coffee:

Choose High Quality Coffee Beans

The foundation of great coffee lies in the bean. Indonesia offers a variety of coffee beans, such as Sumatran and Javanese beans, which provide unique flavor profiles. Choose coffee beans that are freshly roasted and come from a trusted source.

Grind the Coffee Beans Thoroughly

The grind size affects the extraction process. For Indonesian coffee, it is recommended to use a medium to coarse grind, especially for manual brewing methods such as French press or pour over.

Use Traditional Methods

Apply traditional methods of brewing coffee to experience the rich tradition of serving coffee in Indonesia.

Set the Water and Coffee Ratio Well

Ensure the correct ratio of coffee to water, generally 1:15. Experiment according to taste, but maintain a balance so that the coffee is not too weak or too strong.

Pay Attention to Optimal Water Temperature

Water temperature plays an important role in the extraction process. For Indonesian coffee, the ideal temperature ranges from 195°F to 205°F (90°C to 96°C).

Exploring Diverse Coffee Making Styles

Different coffee regions in Indonesia offer a variety of flavors. Try different brewing methods to discover the nuances of each region.

Feel at home in freshness

Enjoy Indonesian coffee while it’s still fresh. Consume coffee beans within two weeks of roasting to get the full flavor spectrum.

Try the Cold Coffee Making Method

For a refreshing sensation, explore the method of making cold coffee with Indonesian coffee beans. Cold brewing coffee can bring out the sweetness and produce a balanced cup.

Continuous Improvement

Brewing the perfect Indonesian coffee is a continuous process. Log your experiences, adjust variables, and continually improve your brewing technique to reach full flavor potential.

By understanding and applying this guide, you can create a satisfying Indonesian coffee experience and enrich your taste for the diversity of coffee in Indonesia.


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