Flores Coffee bean

Flores Coffee origin and history

The history of Flores coffee dates back to the island’s colonial past, where Dutch settlers recognized the potential of the region for coffee cultivation. Over the years, Flores coffee evolved, blending traditional methods with modern techniques.

The meticulous care taken in hand picking and processing Flores coffee cherries is a hallmark of the island’s coffee culture. Local farmers, often using age-old methods, contribute to the unique taste that defines Flores coffee.

Arabica Flores Coffee

Flores Coffee Varieties

Flores Coffee

Flores coffee comes from the island of Flores in Indonesia, and it is primarily of the Arabica variety. The coffee produced in Flores is known for its unique flavor profile, influenced by the island’s geography, altitude, and traditional processing methods.

The coffee plants in Flores are often cultivated at higher altitudes. The island’s mountainous terrain and volcanic soil contribute to the distinctive characteristics of Flores coffee.

Bajawa Coffee

Bajawa coffee refers to coffee produced in the Bajawa region of Flores, an island in Indonesia. Bajawa is known for producing high-quality Arabica coffee, and the coffee from this region has gained recognition for its unique flavor profile.

The Bajawa region’s mountainous terrain, high altitudes, and volcanic soil contribute to the distinctive characteristics of the coffee beans. These geographical factors play a crucial role in shaping the flavor profile of Bajawa coffee.

The characteristic

Flores coffee is known for its diverse flavor characteristics, which can include notes of fruit, floral tones, earthiness.

Nuanced flavor notes often include hints of chocolate, spice, and occasionally fruity undertones.

Arabica Flores Coffee

Flores Coffee Bean