Coffee Blends for Cafes, Roasteries, Importers, and Retailers

Coffee Blends for Cafes, Roasteries, Importers, and Retailers

Are you in the coffee business and want to offer something special to your customers? Our coffee blends combine the best beans from Vietnam, Brazil, and Indonesia, creating unique flavors that stand out. Perfect for importers, roasteries, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, and retailers, our blends bring a new level of taste to your offerings.


Our Top Coffee Blends

Indonesian Regional Blends

Explore the depth of Indonesian coffee with our regional blends. From the volcanic soils of Sumatra to the highlands of Java, our Indonesian coffees offer a variety of unique flavors. Whether you prefer the full-bodied, spicy notes of Sumatra or the smooth, bright acidity of Java, our Indonesian blends cater to diverse palates. Custom your order with us!

Vietnamese and Indonesian Blend

Looking for a rich, bold coffee? Our Vietnamese and Indonesian blend combines robust Vietnamese flavors with smooth, earthy Indonesian notes. It’s perfect for cafes wanting to offer a strong brew or retailers adding a unique product to their lineup.

Brazilian and Indonesian Blend

For a balanced coffee with a touch of sweetness, try our Brazilian and Indonesian blend. The natural sweetness of Brazilian beans pairs perfectly with the rich complexity of Indonesian coffee, creating a versatile blend that’s great for espresso and filter coffee. Ideal for roasteries and cafes alike.

Custom Blends

Want a blend unique to your brand? We offer custom blending services. Our experts will work with you to create a coffee profile that matches your taste and quality standards, helping you stand out in the market. Contact us anytime at [email protected] or WhatsApp at +62 811 6380 606


Our Best-Selling Products for Your Coffee Blends

Sumatra Tiger Grade 3 Special is a special mix of arabica and robusta coffee from Sumatra, despite being a grade 3 coffee bean, you won’t notice it was grade 3 coffee because it has good cupping. We sell this coffee to Middle Eastern countries a lot because of the low price but still has an awesome taste.

Get this product by contact us anytime at [email protected] or WhatsApp at +62 811 6380 606


Why Choose Us?

Quality and Freshness

We source the best beans from sustainable farms and roast them to order, ensuring you get the freshest, highest-quality coffee.

Expert Roasters

Our team of skilled roasters and blenders create blends that taste amazing and maintain consistency and quality with every batch.

Tailored Solutions

Whether you need bulk orders for large distribution or small batches for a specialty cafe, we’ve got you covered. We’re flexible and ready to meet your specific needs.

Enhance Your Coffee Offerings

Brewing Support

We provide brewing tips and training to ensure your team can make the most of our blends, offering your customers the best coffee experience.

Marketing Help

From customized packaging to promotional materials, we help you market our unique blends and attract more customers.

Be our partner

Reliable Supply

Our subscription service and reliable supply chain mean you’ll never run out of your favorite blends. Count on us for timely deliveries and consistent quality.

Engaged Community

Join our network of coffee businesses. Share insights, join exclusive events, and stay on top of industry trends with our community.

Contact anytime

Ready to elevate your coffee offerings? Contact us at [email protected] or WhatsApp +62 811 6380 606 to learn how our unique, expertly crafted blends can meet your business needs. Let’s create something special together.

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