Robusta Lampung

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Robusta Lampung Coffee


Experience the bold and distinctive flavours of Robusta Lampung ELB coffee, a high-grade Robusta variety known for its robust flavour profile and exceptional aroma. Indulge in the rich body and captivating fragrance of this extraordinary coffee that originates from the lush landscapes of Indonesia.

Specification: Lampung Robusta ELB Green Coffee Beans

Lampung Robusta ELB is carefully selected based on specific criteria. With a screen size ranging from 15 to 19, maximum moisture content of 13%, and a defect value of 25 (300 gr) as per the sample, only the finest beans are chosen to ensure exceptional quality. This variant, known as ELB (Extra Large Beans), is characterized by its larger bean size, contributing to a unique coffee experience.

Origin and Fragrance/Aroma

Hailing from the region of Lampung in Indonesia, this high-grade Robusta coffee embodies the essence of the local terroir. The coffee exhibits an earthy and captivating aroma, transporting you to the lush coffee plantations of Lampung with every sip.

Flavour Profile

Prepare your taste buds for the robust and distinct flavour of Lampung Robusta ELB coffee. This coffee delivers a powerful and invigorating taste experience with its spicy and hot notes. The full-bodied nature of Lampung Robusta ELB coffee further enhances its flavour profile, offering a satisfying and bold cup of coffee.

Indonesian Heritage

Originating from Indonesia, Lampung Robusta ELB coffee showcases the rich coffee heritage of the region. Indonesia is renowned for its diverse and exceptional coffee offerings, and Lampung Robusta ELB stands as a testament to the country’s commitment to producing remarkable coffees.

Bean Count and Quality

Lampung Robusta ELB is known for its exceptional bean quality and size. The ELB variant, which stands for Extra Large Beans, ensures that you experience the fullest expression of flavour in every cup. The meticulous attention given to the selection of beans results in a coffee that meets the highest quality standards and delivers an unparalleled coffee experience.


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