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What is Arabica coffee?

Arabica coffee, scientifically known as Coffea arabica, is a premium coffee variety cherished for its refined flavor and aromatic qualities. Grown predominantly in higher altitude regions with cooler climates and consistent rainfall, Arabica beans are celebrated for their distinctive taste profile.

Arabica Sumatra Mandheling Green Coffee Beans

Most Popular Arabica Coffee From indonesia

Sumatra Mandheling

Mandheling is a coffee producing region in the northern part of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The Mandheling coffee is grown at high altitudes. known for its full body, low acidity, and earthy, chocolatey, and herbal flavor notes. It often exhibits a syrupy and lingering finish.

Java Ijen

Another popular Arabica coffee from Indonesia is Java Ijen, specifically those grown in the Ijen Plateau. known for its well-balanced flavor profile, often featuring a medium body, moderate acidity, and a combination of earthy, nutty, and slightly fruity notes.

Java Ijen Grade 1 Green Coffee Beans
Sulawesi Toraja Coffee

Sulawesi Toraja

Sulawesi Toraja coffee is grown in the mountainous region of Toraja, located in the central part of the island of Sulawesi. known for its full body, low acidity, and a rich, earthy flavor with hints of spice. The coffee often exhibits a syrupy or velvety texture, making it a favorite among those who appreciate bold and complex profiles.

Arabica coffee Characteristics

Mild Acidity

Arabica coffee tends to have a mild and pleasant acidity compared to other coffee varieties, particularly Robusta. This acidity adds brightness and liveliness to the coffee’s taste without being overly sharp.

Lower Caffeine

Arabica beans contain less caffeine than Robusta beans, making Arabica coffee a preferred choice for those who seek a milder and less caffeinated cup. This characteristic makes Arabica suitable for individuals who are sensitive to caffeine.

Bean Shape

Arabica beans are generally oval shaped with a curved crease on one side. This shape distinguishes them from the more round and straighter beans of the Robusta variety.

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